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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Melbourne    

Regular AC preventative maintenance is essential for a longer lasting air conditioning system. SENA Air Conditioning provides this service to keep your air conditioner running at its optimal capabilities which will ensure it is running efficiently and also help to save you money!
So are AC maintenance plans worth it? Absolutely! An air conditioning system is a large investment for any home or office and directly impacts the value of your property, not to mention it's crucial in keeping you comfortable throughout the year. Leaving your air conditioning system to deteriorate over time can increase the chances of complete breakdowns in the future.

What Does AC Maintenance Include?

Our preventative maintenance services consists of:

  • Test operation of unit

  • Clean filters

  • Clean coils

  • Test drain/pump

  • Check refrigeration pressures

  • Check for refrigeration leaks

  • Check electrical components

  • Check belt/pulleys (if applicable)

  • Check sump heater

  • Check mechanical components: compressor, fans, solenoids and reversing valves

  • Examine the general condition of parts such as: Conduits, Switches, Insulation, Mounts, etc...

  • Advise clients of any issues

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services in Melbourne

Results You Can Expect From Regular AC Service & Maintenance

  •  Cleaner air

  •  Less running cost

  •  Longer lasting unit

  • Identifying any faults before it causes further issues


If you’re looking for air conditioning preventative maintenance services or an air conditioning maintenance contract in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, then get in contact with us for a free quote today!

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