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Cassette air conditioners work identically to hi wall split systems but instead of the unit being mounted on the wall, grilles are installed flush into the ceiling. Like split systems, cassette air conditioners also have an outdoor unit. Cassette air conditioners are often more powerful than wall-mounted systems and are therefore best suited for large open spaces. 


Many offices and businesses prefer ceiling cassettes as they can heat and cool large areas without taking up a lot of indoor space. The grilles installed in the ceiling almost go unnoticed due to them blending in so well. 

This system not only provides a discrete heating and cooling solution, but it also distributes temperature evenly with its design. The conditioned air is distributed through four sides of the cassette, providing even air-flow. 

At SENA Air Conditioning, we offer cassette air conditioning installation, repairs and maintenance services 24/7 across Melbourne.

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Cassette Air Conditioner Benefits

Energy Efficiency: 

This system gives a 360-degree airflow function with its powerful yet quiet operation. Its inverter air conditioning technology is designed to use the least amount of energy to achieve the highest amount of conditioned air.

Space Efficiency & Subtle Design:

Cassette air conditioners are ideal in spaces where wall mounted reverse cycle systems are not an option for design purposes. It doesn’t take up much-needed wall space or protrude your living/work area, instead, it is tucked away in your ceiling.

Covers Large Areas: 

As cassette air conditioners are often more powerful than split systems, they are ideal for large and open-plan spaces. Its four-way air-flow system is efficient in heating and cooling a large room evenly and keeps it at your desired climate.


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