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A ducted reverse air conditioning system consists of an outdoor unit (that stores the compressor) and an internal central unit installed within the roof space, away from sight. It works by removing the heat from the air and pumping it from one place to another and functions as a refrigeration system that recycles air through an indoor fan coil. 


To heat your property, the system extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it inside. To cool your property, the system extracts the heat from the inside air and transfers it outside, leaving the cool air inside. 


The air is distributed via a series of ducts and vents that run throughout the property. A central thermostat is installed in a convenient location within the property, offering complete control throughout the whole building.

At SENA Air Conditioning, we offer ducted reverse cycle air conditioning installation, repairs and maintenance services 24/7 across Melbourne.

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Ducted Reverse Air Conditioning Benefits

Value For Money & Efficiency

Yes, the upfront costs involved with installing a new ducted reverse air conditioning system is higher than other systems but what a lot of people don’t realise is that it saves you money in the long run. If you have a large space that would need multiple split systems, installing a ducted system would most likely turn out cheaper to run. Running multiple split systems increases your energy expenses, as well as your servicing and maintenance cost for each individual system. Not to mention, the more air conditioning units you have, the more likely you’ll have one break down. Having one system helps reduce that risk and lower energy costs.


Ducted reverse air conditioners are also known for their energy efficiency. The function of this system is to recycle heat, which makes it an energy-efficient option that’ll save you money on your energy and gas bills long term. Additionally, all ducted air conditioners within Australia must comply with the Minimum Energy Performance Standards, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have guaranteed efficiency. 


Zoning Capabilities

You’d think an all-in-one air conditioning system would restrict your ability to control the temperature in certain rooms or zones within the one house/office - well this isn’t the case with ducted reverse cycle air conditioning! 


One of the great advantages of ducted systems is the amount of control you have over your climate. You have the ability to customise the temperature in different parts of a single house or office, which is why it works so great for families and work environments where people respond differently to various temperatures. Each area can be set to a certain temperature that suits their purpose and preference, giving individual comfort within one building.



A ducted reverse system is a crowd favourite due to it being practically invisible within a property. The only visible part of the system is the small vents that blend in with the ceiling. You don’t need to worry about obstructive wall-mounted systems when designing your space or any unit getting in your way. So if you have a larger home and want a minimalist look, then a ducted reverse air conditioning system would be perfect for your needs.


It’s Quiet

You wouldn’t think a system that has so much power would be almost silent but that’s just another feature that makes ducted reverse systems so desirable. This makes them a top choice for households that look for comfort on those hot and cold nights, without the struggle of getting or staying sleeping.


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