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Keep your home warm in the winter months with a ducted gas heating solution. This heating system is known for its high energy efficiency due to using natural gas rather than electricity, which reduces your energy costs, as well as being beneficial for the environment. With a gas-heated ducted system, you can enjoy the comfort of staying warm on those freezing days without the worry of raking up a massive electricity bill.


Ducted gas heating is one of the most common heating systems in Melbourne homes because it can be installed alongside evaporative air conditioning systems and at a fraction of the cost of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning - making it an economical choice. 

At SENA Air Conditioning, our ducted gas heating services include supply, installation, 24-hour repairs and preventative maintenance

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How Ducted Gas Heating Works

In a ducted gas heating system, there is a central heating unit that produces warm air. This works by air being drawn inside by a fan that is then passed over a heat exchanger, warmed by gas combustion. Once the air is heated, it is then transported throughout the home via a series of ducts that connect to vents in various rooms. A return air grille circulates the air back to the furnace where the process is then repeated. The unit is usually situated outside the home but can also be installed within the floor or ceiling, depending on available space. A central thermostat is installed in a convenient location, where you’ll be able to have full control of your temperature at any time. 

Ducted gas heating is a smart choice for keeping your home warm while using less energy. The system’s running cost depends on its star rating, price of gas, the installation, and how the unit is used. Choosing the right system for your requirements is important to ensuring you have a long-lasting heating solution that saves you money on your energy bills in the long run. Our qualified technicians and network of quality suppliers including, Brivis, Bonaire and Braemar will provide the best central heating system for your needs.

Ducted Gas Heating Benefits

Efficiently Heats A Large Home

With most ducted gas heating manufacturers producing highly efficient heaters that range from 4 to 7-star energy ratings, the cost of running a heating system has decreased, without sacrificing heat output. 


The great thing about ducted gas heating is that one central system can sufficiently heat an entire home. Instead of managing multiple portable heaters, you only need to rely on one central system. Depending on the system, you can even control the temperature in different zones, making it even more efficient with not wasting unnecessary energy.


Air Quality:

Ducted gas heating does not produce dry air that tends to irritate the eyes, throat and skin. This system produces more moisture in the air, which is better for people with asthma or allergies. The air is also passed through filters and prevents particles from travelling through the ducts. With this system, you can enjoy comfort allergy-free all year round!


Runs Quickly & Quietly

This system is fast-acting with the natural gasses heating up as soon as it is switched on, without lag time. No matter how cold the weather is outside, this system is designed to heat up quickly and operate efficiently to reach your desired temperature. In addition, ducted heating is one of the quietest heating systems, so you don’t have to worry about it keeping you up on a cold winter's night.



Ducted gas heating is almost invisible apart from the non-obstructive grilles installed in the ceiling or floor. This makes it a perfect option if you’re looking for a heating solution that won't intrude on the design of your home.


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