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Evaporative cooling systems are one of the most common air conditioning systems used in Melbourne homes because they’re one of the cheapest and most efficient systems to run while having the freedom to keep your windows open.

The main advantage of an evaporative cooling system is that it provides 100% fresh, clean outside air. The unit circulates outside air and filters out any harmful dust particles and allergens, making your home a safe and clean environment.

At SENA Air Conditioning, our evaporative cooling services include supply, installation, 24-hour repairs and preventative maintenance

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How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?

So what is evaporative cooling? Evaporative cooling is a ducted system that sits on the top of your roof and connects to various rooms in your home. This system is different from other cooling systems as it uses evaporation to cool air temperatures rather than ‘refrigerant air’. When water evaporates, it turns into liquid gas and energy is lost from the air, reducing the temperature. The unit pulls dry outside air through cooling pads, essentially cooling the air to then distribute the cooled air throughout the home using an internal fan. 


Due to its design, evaporative cooling systems use significantly less power than other cooling systems because they don’t use compressors and refrigerants that spike energy bills. Evaporative coolers only need electricity for its water pump and fan, which means you can cool your entire home at a fraction of the cost.


As evaporative coolers cycle moist air throughout the home, they work best in drier climates, like the southern states of Australia. This is why these systems work so well in Melbourne homes, but do suffer some drawbacks in humid regions like Gold Coast or Brisbane. In these humid areas, they would need to leave more doors and windows open to allow the moist air to escape in order to keep the unit running at optimum capacity.

Benefits Of Evaporative Cooling

Fresh, Clean & Cool Air

Evaporative coolers provide 100% fresh, clean cool outside air that is filtered to prevent any harmful particles entering your home. The cooled air inside the home is also not recirculated, so when you have a door or window open for the air to escape, you can enjoy fresh new air every few minutes.

Don’t Need To Close Up Your Home

Unlike other cooling systems that work best in confined spaces with low air circulation, evaporative cooling works best when the air is circulating. This means you can leave your doors and windows open without the worry of it impacting your cooling.

Energy-Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

Not only are evaporative coolers relatively cost-effective to install, you’ll also get lower running costs due to their efficiency and low maintenance costs. Evaporative coolers don’t require as much energy to run, helping drive down the cost on your electricity bills, especially in drier climates where the system works most efficiently.


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