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A reverse cycle split system is one of the most sought after air conditioning units in Australia for their maximum efficiency and long-term reliability. These air conditioners are a perfect option for Melbourne families and office spaces, as they are designed to heat and cool specific areas. You can enjoy a comfortable climate all year round with one system!

What makes reverse cycle split systems different from other air conditioning systems is that they don’t require ductwork. This means that there is no major installation required for this type of air conditioning unit, making it a quick installation and cost-effective option.

At SENA Air Conditioning, we offer reverse cycle split system installation, repairs and maintenance services 24/7 across Melbourne.

reverse cycle split system melbourne

Reverse Cycle Split System Benefits

Energy Efficiency:  

Split System technology extracts heat in the air and moves it inside your home or office to keep it warm in winter, or moves it outside to keep your home cool in summer. This type of technology makes the system 300-600% efficient, meaning that it takes one unit of electrical energy to generate 3 to 6 times as much heating or cooling energy. Not to mention, split systems are better for the environment!

Cleans & Purifies the Air: 

These types of air conditioning systems are built to produce efficient and cleaner air. With advanced self-cleaning and filtering mechanisms, these systems can purify the air inside through decomposing odours and absorbing bacteria/viruses. Purified air is particularly beneficial for asthma sufferers, as well as other allergies, including hay fever.

All-In-One System: 

Whether you’re cooling or heating, this system will allow you to select any temperature you desire, generally within a range of 18 to 30 degrees with fan control. This makes this an all-year-round machine that gives you the luxury of controlling your climate in any season.

Multi-Split Air Conditioners: 

The great thing about split systems is that you can set up multiple units throughout your home or office and get separate climate zones. Multi-split systems have one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. This solution is ideal for homes that have two or more rooms in close proximity and where running multiple air conditioners with independent climates is desired.

WIFI Capabilities: 

Wifi-connected smart air conditioners can be controlled through an app that is installed on your phone. The benefit of this is that you have full control of your AC system from anywhere and it also helps reduce energy costs.


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